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But don't take MY word for it: Listen to Rick H. and his real-life story.
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over $50,000 in his third year
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Hello, this is Michael Shulman.

By way of a quick introduction, I've been helping income-challenged investors restore their retirement dreams by teaching them strategies and tactics to get more income from their portfolios through the power of selling options.

Since 2011, when I first introduced my Options Income Blueprint training program, thousands of investors have learned how to supplement their income by selling low-risk weekly options, every week.

In that time, we've averaged a 20% annual return – no matter what size portfolio investors had.

But along with that success, I learned that many investors have larger portfolios and needed MORE income than the average $20,644 per year my Options Income Blueprint members were getting.

Which is why I created my Income Masters Coaching and Trading Program – to help investors raise their income games to significantly increase the income they could get each year – to six-figures per year – without increasing the risk to their money.

Today, I'm inviting you to join this exclusive group of dedicated income traders who have learned the tactics and strategies to use in any market condition to achieve superior income results.

In 2017, our track record produced $20,329 in income for every option contract sold; and in 2016, our track record produced $25,046 – but because you'd be an "Income Master," you wouldn't sell just one contract.

You'd sell 3, 5 even 10 contracts because you'd have the confidence to know you're going to get maximum income with minimum risk.

Which is why I constantly get emails from my members letting me know their progress...

What Some Of My Members Are Saying
"Hard to believe how good this is. I started with $200,000 and now it's $300,000" - James B., Redding, CA

"I'm on track for $124,000 this year" - Rick H., North Carolina

You see as an Income Master, that $20,329 (single contract value) would have real income impact of:

$60,987 at 3 contracts per trade
$101,645 at 5 contract per trade
even, $203,290 at 10 contracts per trade

That income potential includes our successful and unsuccessful trades, too! Out of 168 possible trades in 2017, 160 of those trades were successful

That's 95.2% Winning Trades

In a recent survey of Income Masters members, they told us they were trading 5-15 contracts per trade - so when I share the income potential above it's because I know my members are doing it now.
Why Income Masters Members Make More Money
It isn't because they take on higher risk – it's because we balance risk and reward by using multiple tactics and strategies for income.

If you want to get a six-figure income from your portfolio, the reality is this – you need three things:

1.    The right options selling tactics
2.    The right stocks to use with your tactics
3.    A dedicated income coach to help you
In 2018, We're Projected To Earn $132,200
In Total Income

Introducing Income Masters: Trading Strategies For Maximum Income from Your Portfolio
In Income Masters the performance of our goals - an annualized return of 45% in each position - drives the selection of tactics for a stock we trade.

Here are four of our most common tactics:
The Simple Put or Buy/Write – Selling a put is a simple trade – finding the best companies to continuously sell puts against is the challenge for investors.

A buy/write is the reverse of the put, you buy shares and immediately sell a covered call. We will sell the call when the charts are telling us the potential for very short term appreciation is obvious and there is more money to be made buying the shares and selling an out of the money call than simply selling a put.
The Event Trade - we will sell puts before a major announcement, such as earnings, planning to exit the trade before the announcement. We also sell puts or do buy/writes after an earnings announcement. The goal of both tactics is to capture volatility, turn it into premium and avoid the actual risk inherent in an announcement.
The Silly Put - a handful of stocks have premiums large enough members can sell a very deep Out of the Money put for an acceptable return.

The goal of this tactic is to sell a put 5%-10% out of the money (below current share price) with a 15%-20% annualized rate of return but collecting that income within 2 to 3 days.
The LEAP/Call spread is designed to leverage capital in the short-term with a unique approach which still provides superior income returns.

Instead of buying 100 shares of Apple at $160 or selling a $160 put requiring $16,000 per contract in cash collateral, we buy a LEAP - a long term option - with a much lower capital requirement.

We then sell calls against this LEAP. Instead of generating $3 in premium on $160 in capital over a three-week period, we can generate $3 in premium on $20 in capital in the same three-week period.

The difference? You would have generated a return of 1.8% on the typical covered call (buying shares and selling a call).

With the LEAP Call trade, your return is 15% in the same three-week timeframe.

That's why my Income Masters members get superior income returns: we're focused on the actual return produced for every trade. We only want trades which have higher returns because that is a smarter and better use of our capital.

It also gives us more flexibility in using our capital to produce income consistently.

A variation of this is to use some of the premium collected to buy a put - this is called a strangle - to provide downside protection.
More Advanced Strategies
Bull/Put Spread - this is a bullish position we “tack on” to certain put trades. This stretches capital, big time.

We sold a Western Digital 83 put then bought an 81 put, we netted $.60 on just $2.00 in capital, a 30% return on capital.
Note that with a spread trade, the only capital you need to put up is the difference between the two strike prices (in this case the difference between the sold option (83) and the bought option (81), which is $2.00 per contract.
The Daily Cash Call – while we don't get to execute these often, they can be highly lucrative.

The tactic is simple: it's a "day trade" buy/write. You buy 100 shares, immediately sell a covered call, then when either the share price jumps or the premium falls, you buy back the call and sell the shares
The Double or Triple Dividend Play – this one is a favorite tactic of mine and I hope to do more of these. The tactic is simple and it is a combination of tactics we've reviewed so far:

Buy 100 shares of an underlying stock with the purpose of holding through the stock's ex-dividend date.

Sell covered call, or a series of calls, expecting in the near term to be called out. You get paid up to three times from one trade tactic:

1.    On the premium collected by selling the call
2.    On the divided collected
3.    On the share price appreciation

And if the stock doesn't pay a dividend, you're actually creating your own dividend when you sell the covered calls.

Passive Income Double Plays: I'm introducing these tactics in the coming months. The idea is simple: take a typical Passive Income Play and DOUBLE the return generated.

For example, a stock paying you a 6.8% yield can be doubled to more than 12% by applying simple options selling tactics on top of owning the stock, ETF or Index Fund.
This also serves as a splendid way to hedge your portfolio when markets a highly volatile because the yield props up your return and the options tactics extend that return no matter what the underlying stock market is doing.
What Income Masters IS NOT
This is not a "buy and hold and sell covered calls" income service.

This is an active trading service with a short-term focus.

Income Masters is NOT a "give you a recommendation and leave you on your own" service.

This is an interactive trading AND coaching service.
  • You'll learn how to use the tactics I've described. 
  • You'll have weekly live trading webinars with me. 
  • You'll have monthly live coaching webinars.
  • You'll have a quarterly special event, called Income Madness where we trade EVERY DAY for one-week to help you up your income gain even further.
  • You'll get trade recommendations and alerts throughout the week – every alert tells you how to execute your trade and is followed up with a CLOSING alert so you know exactly how to close your trade for maximum income potential.
  •  You'll get an average of five new trades every week
When You Increase Your Income Expectations, You Can Get More Income
Let's look at a recent month of Income Masters:
That's 18 total trades during the month – every single one of them successful.

What's most important are the returns produced: as high as 4.8% on a single trade.

Altogether, the July trades generated $3,035 in income selling just one contract per trade. As I shared earlier, however, you're an Income Master!

You're going to use your capital smarter and leverage more contracts than just one – which increases the income you can generate for yourself.

So instead of selling one Put contract on Facebook (FB) and collecting $140, you'd probably sell 3 contracts and collect $420 in just 8 days!

Or, the Expedia Collar-trade which produced $200 per contract…you would have collected $600 in just THREE days!

This is why my Income Masters members are actually able to say they can generate a Six-Figure Income selling options.
Are You Ready?
If you want to raise YOUR income game, then the time is now to join my Income Masters Program.
This week, I'm opening the doors for Income Hungry Investors who want:
  • Six-Figure Income Potential from YOUR Portfolio so you can live the retirement you always dreamed you would.
  • Smart, Profitable Options Tactics
    Proven to Work so you can confidently make trades knowing you're going to come out ahead.
  • Active Trade Recommendations
    Every Single Week so you have a consistent stream of income every week.
  • Live Coaching and Trading Sessions so you can learn new tactics, put them into action with help and get the profits you need to reach that Six-Figure Income.
Here's What You Get When You Join My
Income Masters Program

The Million Dollar Portfolio Challenge: The first-of-its-kind "done with you" portfolio to help you turn $250,000 into $1 Million. Follow my model portfolio trades and see how quickly your portfolio grows. You can start with any amount of money and adjust your trading to fit the model portfolio!

Weekly Trade Recommendations: Each week, you'll get  new trade recommendations from me. Trade Recommendations are made via email and sms and on our private Income Masters member's website, so you'll always know when a new trade is ready to be executed.

Weekly Live Trading Webinars: I hold 1 to 2 live trading sessions each week. These webinars are designed to help you get your trades executed AND learn how I look for trade opportunities so you can learn to do this for yourself.

Monthly Live Coaching Session: I hold one live coaching session each month where I'll teach a new tactic, review stocks being added to the Income Masters Bullpen of Stocks, review our open positions and take your questions.

The Income Masters Bullpen of Stocks: I maintain a 25 stock "Bullpen" which I update each quarter. The bullpen is my daily go-to source for trade ideas so I can reduce my time in the trenches – no more "hunting" for stocks to trade. You can use the bullpen for your own trade ideas – as many of my members do – even if I'm not trading those stocks in a particular week.

BONUS: Income Madness Week once each quarter I'll hold a special event I call Income Madness. This is 5 days of live trading at Noon Eastern Time each day. The purpose is to teach you how to be more active in getting income – even DAILY income – so you achieve that Six-Figure Income Goal.

BONUS: Options Income Blueprint As an Income Masters member you get my Options Income Blueprint trading service INCLUDED with your membership. That's an additional 2-3 trades each week to help you reach your income goals.

BONUS: Perpetual Income Portfolio Club As an Income Masters member you also get my unique 3-stock "Perpetual Income Portfolio." We'll trade these stocks each week using the Perpetual Income Engine strategy for income gains of  25% to 35% annually.

Income Masters Private Website: Everything you need, from trade recommendations, the bullpen, recordings of our live webinars, updates to trade and alerts, is all accessible to you on a simple-to-use member's website.

Pro Calculator Downloads: Download my Put Option Calculator, Call Option Calculator and LEAP Call Calculator to help you determine the very best trades.

Planning Tools: I've created a Capital Allocation Worksheet, Income and Goal Setting Tool, and a Perpetual Income Engine Checklist to ensure you do exactly what you need to do on each and every trade.

Private Email Support: Unlike most other programs, you get direct access to me via a special email address. I am the ONLY person monitoring and responding to emails – no waiting or canned responses. You email me, I email you back.

Introducing: Trade Stream
Get easy access to every trade alert from all of my services in Trade Stream (member's website only).

It's the fastest way for you to execute trades. Trade alerts open in an easy to read window so you never need to leave the members website. Just Click, Place Your Trade and You're Done!
But you need to act soon to be part of the Million Dollar Portfolio Challenge.
So don't wait too long -- the deadline to reserve your spot is coming up fast.
Good Trading,
Michael Shulman
Options Income Masters
P.S. Why rack your brains for the next great idea when you've got me as your coach ...
... PLUS a truly enthusiastic and like-minded community of experienced options traders who've "been there and done that"?
It's so easy to keep income rolling in with weekly Live Trading Sessions and monthly Live Coaching Sessions. They're designed precisely for experienced traders like you.
Why I'm Qualified To Take
Your Options Trading
To The Next Level
I'm Michael Shulman: options income trader, author, financial analyst, newsletter advisor and coach over the last 30 years.
In the writing department, I've published two books: 'Sell Short' and 'Made in America: Inside Stories of Success'. I'm also a frequent contributor to financial sites including Seeking Alpha, MSN, Traders Reserve, and InvestorPlace.
You can buy my books on You can find my articles all over the Internet.
But here's the most important bit:
I've been helping traders like you put more money in their pockets every week with expert-level options income strategies since 2011.
I deliver real results and I've got some very happy students to prove it.
Take a look at the response from a few of my Options Income Masters who are absolutely thrilled about getting to the next level:
"I am realizing very quickly that I need to be re-wired..."
“Good Morning Mr. Shulman...

... I must say ... last night's session was an eye opener for me. Well worth the tuition!

I am realizing very quickly that I need to be re-wired, as you put it. That really sank in. I won't bore you with the details... I will however just say thanks for the heads-up!

Very interesting material... 'See' you tonight!”
-Daniel K.
"My portfolio crossed over $1,000,000 mark..."
“Thanks so much for the coaching.  The covered combo and Daily cash options are great although I haven't digested the daily cash options yet.

My portfolio crossed over $1,000,000 mark during the last 4 months. Thanks so much for the coaching.  The covered combo and Daily cash options are great ...”  
-George H.
"I would never have even thought of doing these trades..."
“Hi Michael,

...thanks for the great lessons I keep getting from you weekly. I have now started to see the wisdom of rolling Calls down when the market slides backwards like it did today. Although my positions are usually small (3-5 options at a time), I managed to bank $1800 dollars today on BX, CAR, and a few others by rolling down.

I would never have even thought of doing these trades were it not for your great coaching sessions in Masters.

Thank you so much for making me a more efficient trader”  
-Dan S.
"Anyone not making money with your services is either not listening or not studying the training materials"

I just wanted to let you know that I like how you presented multiple ways to trade the same company today. I happened to be working on a GILD trade this morning, but I decided to see what you had to say in the trading session before placing any trades today--so it worked out great for me.

... For example, your advice about when to roll puts and when to accept shares and sell calls is invaluable, as well as the benefits of weeklies verses monthlies.

Last month I began tracking my position profits more closely, and I made about ten percent in the month of May. Anyone not making money with your services is either not listening or not studying the training materials enough. 

Keep up the good work.”  
-Andrew B.
"By the way, your programs are extremely profitable for me"
“Your webinars merit full attention as every bit of them is worth paying close attention to. When you speak of a company or a strategy it is something actionable that can be done with confidence as you provide very sound research and analysis.

Thank you.

By the way, your programs are extremely profitable for me. After going through many investment programs starting with Investools more than ten years ago, your approach has been a great example of picking a strategy and picking selected stocks to concentrate on. 

In my mind, your trade recommendations relieves me of the tedious (and often avoidance) of doing the homework of stock picking. Your ... program has been extremely profitable with minimal demand on time.”  
-Kent C.
" seemed so simple like it was almost too good to fail"
“Hello Michael,

I have to say I'm still amazed with the EXPE buy and write a 75 covered call play.

On Friday, with the stock up, I bought back the covered call and sold my 200 shares of stock for a net gain of $284.63 making the trade even better than having it called away. My goodness, it seemed so simple like it was almost too good to fail.

Best regards”  
Why You Shouldn't
Let Yourself Miss Out
Let me be so bold as to suggest there's really no excuse for staying where you are as a trader.
Because even if you're putting a lot of money into your account right now, I can pretty much guarantee that you're not making as much as you could be.
Why not make each dollar work harder and produce even more income for you?
Every win counts.
See how you could be getting Options Income Masters for free if you participate in our next “Income Madness” Week?
But it gets even better. 
Annual Membership: Join us for a full year and You'll Save $3,381 Instantly when you join.

That's because you'll have access to ALL of my trading services as a member of
Income Masters. You also get complete access to:

Options Income Blueprint (a $997 Value), and
Perpetual Income Portfolio Club (an $1,196 Value)
Income Madness Week (an $1,188 Value)

That's $3,381 in additional trading services included in your Income Masters Membership. you get more choices and more trades to use to reach your income goals.

And, you get Income Madness Week for FREE for the next 12 months!
Your free pass to “Income Madness” Week alone could more than pay for this all by itself.

That's because we've already produced $3,891 and $4,149, $3,564 and $2,820 cash income in just 1 week each time.
As an annual member, you'll get access to the next 4 Income Madness Weeks FREE as part of your Income Master's Membership. That's an Instant Savings of $1,188 alone!

And it's more than $12,455 from "Income Madness" Week trades as a standalone. Never mind everything else we've included!
Do you see just how "cheap" options trading luxury can be when there's a great deal on the table?
But you've got to act fast to get in at all.
That's because I'll close the doors to Income Masters to focus on my new members and making sure they achieve success.
“I really like the background information and insights you provide on the various stocks. When I hear how positive you are in a stock I worry slightly less…”  
-Stephen C.
“I thank you kindly for all your help Michael... You have TOTALLY changed my perspective on trading options, being put/called away etc. And it's working!”  
-Daniel K.
So think a bit about what this kind of membership can do for your future. You can stay as a good trader where you are now.
Or you can dare to become great instead, and reap the very profitable rewards.
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